Monday, March 29, 2010

MIKEY’S PARTY-LIST FOUND PLAGIARIZING BAYAN MUNA PRINCIPLES: Word for Word copying of Bayan Muna Constitution decried

Word for Word copying of Bayan Muna Constitution decried

Bayan Muna party-list expressed shock and disgust when it found that Rep. Mikey Arroyo’s Ang Galing Pinoy completely plagiarized the Constitution and principles of Bayan Muna when it applied for accreditation. Bayan Muna Party-list Rep. Neri Javier Colmenares found this out March 26 when he was able to get a copy of Ang Galing Pinoy’s application for registration from the Comelec.

“Rep. Arroyo’s group is so completely detached from the marginalized sectors that it doesn’t even know the issues and condition of the poor they have to copy Bayan Muna’s declaration of principles and even organizational structures and oath. Kung may konting hiya si Rep. Arroyo dapat tanggihan na niya ang nomination if only for this at talagang nakakahiya ang na-diskubre naming ito,” declared Rep. Colmenares. “I guess its about time the Melo Comelec weed out pseudo party-list groups just like in 2001,” said Rep. Colmenares who, as Bayan Muna general counsel argued before the Supreme Court for the disqualification of major political parties and non marginalized groups from the party-list system. The case of Bayan Muna vs Comelec led to the Comelec decision virtually disqualifying more than a hundred fly-by-night party-list groups in 2001.

“Ganun ba ang gustong ipalabas ni Rep. Mikey Arroyo? Na ang ‘Galing ng Pinoy’ ay mangopya ng gawa ng iba? Hindi man lang napansin ng Comelec ang plagiarism na ito?” said Rep. Teddy Casiño of Bayan Muna who is leading the moves to disqualify pseudo party-list organizations being used as a vehicle by hatchet-men of Pres. Gloria Arroyo to enter Congress. “We did not file petitions to disqualify in 2004 and 2007 hoping the Comelec will do its job of screening party-list organizations. It’s about time genuine party-list organizations take the initiative and help the Comelec clean up the system once again,” he added.

Ang Galing Pinoy was found to have plagiarized the following from the Bayan Muna Constitution even copying the exact number of articles and sections:
(i) Bayan Muna’s 10 point program in its Constitution, including its vision of establishing a nationalist and democratic government and the oath of its members.
(ii) A word for word copying of Bayan Muna’s organizational structure and membership principles, even copying Bayan Muna’s provisions on Intermediate Leading Bodies and Barangay chapters.
(iii) Ang Galing Pinoy also copied Bayan Muna’s Special Provisions on the formation of alliances and regional parties and even how to generate funding and resources.

“The proof that Ang Galing Pinoy is faking its supposed advocacy for the poor is overwhelming,” said Atty. Joven Laura, a human rights lawyer from Bicol and Bayan Muna’s third nominee. “Comelec should not only disqualify Mikey Arroyo but cancel the registration of the Ang Galing Pinoy itself”. ###