Friday, May 7, 2010

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
H.O.P.E., not OPLAN R.A.FA.EL!

Bayan Muna Partylist calls on the public to vote but stay on their highest alert to ensure that their votes will be properly counted.

In the picket rally held today at Comelec, Bayan Muna Partylist Rep. Teddy Casiño said "We hope Comelec can fix all the glitches with the memory cards and PCOS machines, that the May 10 elections will not be delayed or sabotaged. If there is failure of elections, only the Arroyo regime will benefit from it."

Casiño reminded that the elements for Oplan RAFAEL (Retain Arroyo through Failure of Elections) are in place. "We are hoping for the best, of course, but we must also prepare for worst-case scenarios. On May 10, we must exercise our rights to elect leaders, protect the vote and defend our rights in any eventuality. Bantayan natin ang PCOS (Presidential Cheating Operating System) at tutulan ang Oplan RAFAEL!" Casiño said.

Bayan Muna Partylist is very concerned about possible cheating, violence and election failure. Previous elections show massive fraud through dagdag-bawas and other manipulations, especially in the 2004 elections from which Hello Garci and military election fraud were exposed, and the first automated polls still appear very vulnerable to such.

"We will continue our campaign for 'HOPE (Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Elections) for Change' in our walk-for-HOPE tomorrow 7a.m. at Luneta Park, to culminate in front of the Comelec building. People from all walks of life are invited," concluded Casiño. ###